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The EC asks for public input on possible new EU-wide media regulations

The European Commission has opened public consultations for citizens and groups to comment on whether to adopt new EU-wide media  regulations, including a measure addressing the independence of media regulatory bodies. The announcement comes as policy makers and civil society groups call for stronger EU-wide regulations on media independence and pluralism in order to ensure that common democratic […]

Media Authority study finds an increase in negative news coverage of Roma

Compared with the previous six months, the Hungarian media’s coverage of Roma grew quantitatively more negative in the first half of 2012, while there were fewer negative stories about political migrants, according to an analysis by the Media Authority (NMHH).

Hungarian media laws spark call for EU-wide regulation of media pluralism

Following an investigation of the 2010 Hungarian media laws, an expert group led by Vaira Vike-Freiberga, the former Latvian president, has published a report proposing the establishment of EU-wide regulations aimed at safeguarding media pluralism and freedom.

Ringier steps back from selling majority share in Népszabadság

Private multinational publisher Ringier failed in its effort to sell its share of Hungary’s largest circulation daily newspaper, Népszabadság, to a group owned by the Socialist Party. Since no deal could be negotiated, Ringier keeps its 70.77 percent ownership of the paper, and the group called Free Press (Szabad Sajtó), which was established by the […]

Haraszti sees threats from ‘three-layered’ media system

Hungary has developed a “three-layered” media system in which the news is provided by three main sources: state-influenced TV and radio stations, a disappearing print sector, and freely distributed online media, human rights activist and former dissident Miklós Haraszti said at the opening of a conference on the Hungarian media on November 15.

Despite heavy layoffs, public TV hires reporters from pro-government TV station

Hungary’s public media management company, the Media Services and Asset Management Fund (MTVA), stirred controversy in early November over reports it had hired reporters from conservative station Echo TV despite ongoing plans to downsize. Echo TV is owned by top Fidesz donor Gábor Széles, who also owns the national pro-government daily newspaper, Magyar Hírlap.  In response, the MTVA […]

After a year-long demonstration for free-press, protestors removed by force

An 11-month demonstration in front of Hungary’s public media office was brought to an end this month after protestors say they were forcibly removed from the site by security workers. According to Balázs Nagy Navarro, organizer of the demonstration outside the Media Services and Asset Management Fund (MTVA) headquarters, some 30-40 security officers arrived at […]