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Media Authority President’s death raises questions over successor

The death of Annamária Szalai, who served as President of the Media Authority and Chairperson of the Media Council, is fueling speculation over who will be named to fill the post as Hungary’s top media regulator. The outcome also puts to test whether the newly modified appointment procedures brokered by the Council of Europe will achieve the […]

Top public media adviser stirs controversy over anti-Roma and far-right Facebook posts

Beatrix Siklósi, chief cultural adviser to the head of Hungary’s public media management body, the MTVA, sparked controversy this week after Hungary’s top economic weekly HVG published a screen shot of Siklósi’s Facebook page, which contained an anti-Roma joke, a post honoring Hungary’s interwar leader responsible for mass deportations of Hungarian Jews, and articles from Hungary’s far-right […]

MTVA chief discusses layoffs, censorship charges

The top manager of Hungary’s public media discussed staff cuts and charges of state censorship in an interview in pro-government newspaper Heti Válasz. István Böröcz, the CEO of the Media Services and Asset Management Fund (MTVA), said that staff restructuring would be completed by the fall of 2013. As many as 900 public media workers […]

Trade union leaders are also on the public media layoff list

Ten trade union leaders are reportedly on the list of employees to be fired from the public media under the plans of the Media Services and Asset Management Fund (MTVA), which manages Hungary’s public media. András Lázár, the president of the Unified Media Trade Union criticized the plan, saying it is “far from the style […]

Latest public media layoffs capped at 195

The latest round of layoffs from the public media will be no higher than 195 workers, and the aid fund for those who are dismissed will increase to HUF 31.6 million, under an agreement between the body managing public media and its workers, according to reports.

Amid staff layoffs, public media turns to government-linked private production firms

Outgoing editorial staff of Hungary’s public media say that management is outsourcing production to external contractors to compensate for the lack of internal staff, according to Vasárnapi Hírek. Hungary’s public media management company, the MTVA, has laid off around 1,000 public media staff since 2011, claiming the cuts are necessary to trim bloated budget costs. The paper […]

Top writer claims censorship by public radio

Hungarian writer Peter Esterházy has claimed that public radio station Kossuth Radio censored his monthly arts review to exclude comments encouraging listeners to attend the final productions by National Theater director Róbert Alföldi. The director’s provocative presentations, which have earned him international acclaim, have riled conservatives in Hungary’s center-right Fidesz party since his appointment to head […]

Strikes considered as MTVA plans more public-media layoffs

Public media staff are considering a strike by early January after the Media Services and Asset Management Fund (MTVA), the body that manages state-owned media, fails to reach an agreement with unions over coming layoffs, according to reports.

New CEO appointed at MTI news agency

István Galambos was appointed the CEO of the Hungarian-owned news agency MTI, and will take over the position on January 1, 2013, according to a December 12 announcement by the Media Services and Asset Management Fund (MTVA), the body responsible for managing Hungary’s public media.

Demonstration outside MTVA building marks a year

Protest organizer Balázs Nagy Navarro and his fellow demonstrators marked a year of protest outside the headquarters of the Media Services and Asset Management Fund (MTVA) at Kunigunda útja in Buda.

Journalist union blasts public TV for ignoring anti-Nazi rally

In a Klubrádió interview, the president of the Association of Hungarian Journalists (MÚOSZ) said that the public media should have reported on a December 2 demonstration in Budapest against neo-Nazism.

Parliament approves HUF 113 billion in funding for state media bodies in 2013

The Hungarian Parliament has allocated a total of HUF 113 billion, roughly EUR 380 million, for the 2013 budgets of Hungary’s Media Authority, the Media Council, and Hungary’s media management body, the Media Services and Asset Management Fund (MTVA), according to reports.

MTVA refuses to reveal new funding needs

The Media Services and Asset Management Fund (MTVA), the body that manages Hungary’s public media, refused to tell members of Parliament why the amount it would borrow from a consortium of banks was increased from HUF 40 billion to HUF 63 billion, according to reports.

Court: MTVA must disclose spending on cancelled TV series

A Metropolitan Court in Budapest ordered the Media Services and Asset Management Fund (MTVA) to disclose how much it paid for the failed TV series “Marslakók” (“Martians”) after the watchdog group brought the case to court on the basis of the freedom-of-information law.

Political weekly says public media should reveal finances

Left-leaning political weekly 168 Óra has criticized the MTVA, the body that manages Hungary’s public media, for refusing to make its finances and spending publicly available, despite the outlet’s requests for the information. The MTVA, which received a budget of HUF 77 billion (EUR 261 million), in 2012 said that most of the information is available on their website, and […]