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Neo radio continues its life online

After losing its broadcast license in a court battle with the Media Council in November, Neo FM has reopened online as Neo’s owner Mihály Medveczky said that the station plans to continue their operation on the internet, Médiajogfigyelő reports.  Neo FM ceased broadcasting November 10 after the Media Authority sued the company for unpaid broadcast […]

Amid staff layoffs, public media turns to government-linked private production firms

Outgoing editorial staff of Hungary’s public media say that management is outsourcing production to external contractors to compensate for the lack of internal staff, according to Vasárnapi Hírek. Hungary’s public media management company, the MTVA, has laid off around 1,000 public media staff since 2011, claiming the cuts are necessary to trim bloated budget costs. The paper […]

Neo FM goes off the air

Neo FM, one of Hungary’s two national commercial radio stations, ceased broadcasting November 10 after losing a court battle with Hungary’s Media Council over an unpaid broadcasting fee. Neo is closely linked to Hungary’s Socialist Party. The station’s closure leaves only one national commercial radio in operation in Hungary, Class FM, a station a majority […]

Two government-linked stations get bulk of public ad money

Two Fidesz-linked radio companies receive the bulk of the government money spent for advertising on the radio, according to Kreativ magazine. In 2012, Class FM,  which is majority owned by Fidesz businessman Zsolt Nyerges, has so far received 66 percent of the public advertisement contracts in Hungary’s radio market. Music FM, also said to be influenced […]